Hi. My name is Maggie. Welcome to rookery, a place where I write about recipes, DIY projects (both good and bad), and other thoughts that come from living in an apartment in San Francisco.

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All photos taken with a lot of trial and error by yours truly.

A few things you should know about me:

1. I am not really sure what I’m doing most of the time. You’ve probably already noticed this. I am not an expert and am learning by doing — sometimes I’ll have a strong opinion about how something should be done and other times I am just winging it. I am totally open to suggestions.

2. I am obsessive about some things and completely oblivious to others. I’ll spend 15 minutes scrubbing the bottom of my fry pan but I hate washing vegetables (I know, I know…). I’ll make pasta from scratch but I won’t ever bother to decorate a cake. I haven’t found much consistency in what I find totally worth the effort and what I am too lazy to attempt. I imagine you are kind of the same way.

3. Sometimes I follow recipes and directions closely, other times I adapt them. I am very thankful for the many good cooks before me who have perfected and shared their recipes. But sometimes I find steps unnecessary or overly complicated. Other times I find that recipes use too many dishes (a personal pet peeve). Or I just find a way I like doing it better. I try to make it clear where I am departing from original recipes. What’s printed on rookery is the way I did it. For original recipes and instructions, check out the link that I’ll have included.

4. I care about the food I eat. I try very hard to buy organic, sustainable (seasonal, local, etc.) and fair trade produce. More importantly to me, when I cook at home I use meat that is raised sustainably and as humanely as possible (how to identify what meat meets this criteria is a whole other story, one that I am still learning about). This means that I eat a lot less meat than I used to.

5. I like to hear from you. What blogger doesn’t. Questions or suggestions? Leave a comment or email me at rookerysf[at]gmail

Why the name rookery? A rookery is a place to nest together (it also can mean a crowded, dilapidated tenement building, but let’s put that one aside). To me the ideas of “nesting” – cooking, putting things together, creating a beautiful space, eating, and laughing – are all more fun when you can share them and do them with others.


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