Pies-N-Thighs Fried Chicken Biscuits

Chicken Biscuit | Rookery

We usually stay in on Valentine’s, but this year we had an even more legitimate reason to do so…House of Cards. Was Netflix doing the world a favor by letting us all spend February 14th binging on new episodes? I like to think so.

And, a few days before, I’d found the recipe for Pies-N-Thighs’ Chicken Biscuits, one of Jesse’s all time favorite foods. (Pies-N-Thighs, for those who don’t know, is a restaurant in Williamsburg that serves an array of amazing fried-chicken-and-biscuit combinations…and pie, of course).

It’s like the stars had aligned to make our Valentine’s day as blissfully decadent as possible. And what better way to show my love than by giving my husband a coronary delicious dinner.

As a very appreciative Jesse put it, “this recipe gets to your heart in more ways than one.” Continue reading


Beet and Fennel Soup with Kefir


This soup proves that it’s possible to eat something pink on Valentine’s Day and not feel like an idiot.

Jesse and I always cook at home on Valentine’s Day, avoiding restaurants at all costs. But so many Valentine’s Day menus and recipes are way too filling. Nothing says “I love you but I need to pass out on the couch right now” like steak, creamy potatoes and chocolate mousse.


Other recipes are so complicated and fussy that by the time you are done cooking, you are exhausted and cranky (and, once again, likely to end up passed out on the couch…)


It’s not like hairy root vegetables are particularly romantic, either. But what this recipe lacks in glamor it makes up for by being light and surprisingly easy. It was earthy and savory and the tartness of the kefir kept the beets from being too sweet and monotonous. With some bread and cheese and a salad, it was the perfect meal. Even if it is bright pink.

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